Australian Cartridge Collectors Association, Inc.

State Branches

State Branches or Committees of the ACCA have been established in every Australian State and in the Northern Territory. Regular meetings are conducted to provide members the opportunity to expand their collections and extend their knowledge about cartridges and cartridge collecting.

Known meeting dates for State Branches are shown below.

Full details are available from 'Meeting Dates' on the 'Auction Page'.

New South Wales:

3rd August 2019 at Windamere Rifle Range
Contact: Geoff Marr


March 2020 at Dubbo Gun Club.
Contact: Geoff Marr or Errol Tucker

North Queensland:

To be advised

Contact: Dave or Sandra Brown

Northern Territory:

To be advised
Contact: Steve Barrow

South Australia:

Contact: Malcolm Bethune

South Queensland:

Sunday 19 May 2019

Contact: Mark Zillmann


August 2019


November 2019


February 2020

Contact: Mark Zillman


To be advised
Contact: Tony Johnstone


June 2019 at Ararat Pistol Club
Contact: Mick Barr


August 2019 Romsey Masonic Temple

Contact: Jim Kotsalis


November 2019 at Blakes
Contact: Kevin Blake


February 2020 at Shepparton Football Club
Contact: Mick Rammage


April 2020 at Goornong Hall
Contact: Lindsay Filbey

Western Australia:

To be advised
Contact: Nick Nedkoff

New Zealand Auction


To be advised
Contact: Kevan Walsh or Terry Castle