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New1. The NSW Branch will conduct an auction on Saturday 17 February 2018. The auction list for this event is now available. To view the auction list (and photos of selected lots), go to the 'Auctions' page.


New2. The Victorian Branch will hold a meeting on Sunday 18 February 2018 at the Shepparton football Club. Please contact Mick Ramage for more information.


New3. All tendered lots for inclusion in national auctions must be submitted in the approved manner. Please use the auction template (located from the 'Auctions' page) for all lots submitted to the auction coordinator.


New4. Australia Post has confirmed that cartridge casings may be posted without contravening the Dangerous and Prohibited Goods guidelines. However, they do state that ammunition containing chemical residue would be confiscated. See Australia Post letter, click here.



5. The Qld Department of Natural Resources and Mines has recently released 'Explosive Information Bulletin 20' which clearly defines that state's regulations for cartridge collectors. It clearly states that Queensland ammunition collectors must belong to a collectors association approved by the Chief inspector. It also states that Australian Cartridge Collectors' Association is an approved association. For the full bulletin click here.


6. The NSW Firearm Registry has clarified the Firearms Regulation 2006 which imposed new obligations upon firearm dealers to sight and record when supplying ammunition. Accordingly, should the holder of a NSW Ammunition Collector Permit wish to acquire ammunition from a licensed dealer, the permit will need to be sighted by the
licensed dealer.

Holders of Ammunition Collection Permits are permitted to buy, sell or swap ammunition amongst themselves of a type which is permitted by their respective permits. However, Section 65 of the Firearms Act 1996 states that the permit holder must not sell ammunition unless the buyer is authorised to possess that type of ammunition by way of a licence or permit and that authorisation has been sighted by the permit holder.

This is good news for ACCA and ensures that NSW Auctions may continue. Clearly, the obligation upon every member is to acquire the correct permit and to be vigilant in checking that other members are legally permitted to buy or sell ammunition.


7. Ken Michell's book 'The History of Shotshells in Australia pre WWII' is now available. With 220 pages in full colour, this hardcover book outlines the history of Australian shotshells and their makers. The author has had a lifelong association with shotguns and shotshells and has shared his vast knowledge for the enjoyment of collectors. Click here for more information. Click here to order.


8. The cut off dates for the submission of national auction lots have been altered to correspond with the cut off dates for the journal. This will facilitate posting the auction list together with the journal (and on time). The cut off dates for all national auction lot submissions will now be:

Coonabarabran 1st February
AGM 1st August

9. Gerard Dutton has compiled a comprehensive information sheet for members who may wish to carry ammunition on airlines or to import/export ammunition. This page is the result of comprehensive research into state and territory requirements as well as the personal experiences of many ACCA members. It also provides state and territory contact information for applications to be made to transfer ammunition by air. To view this information, go to the Legislation page and click here.

10. State & Territory Legislation
The National Legislation Officer, Peter Wyschnja, is coordinating an update of all State and Territory legislative requirements for the collection of ammunition across Australia. This information is located on the 'Legislation' page. It would be in the best interests of each member to download the relevant state or territory section for perusal. To go to this page, click here.

11. IAA Journal
The International Ammunition Association Inc (IAA) journal is now available for members in an electronic format as well as the familiar printed version. You may view a past copy of the new eJournal by visiting http://cartridgecollectors.org/samplejournal.pdf
This IAA Journal is undoubtedly the leading journal in the world and is a valuable resource for all collectors of ammunition. If you are not currently a member of IAA you should perhaps consider joining now to take advantage of the research and information that is available through that club. It is considerably cheaper to have the journal delivered electronically than to have a hard copy posted out so now may be the time to join up. The cost of six eJournals is just US$25 per year. For full details of the club, visit http://www.cartridgecollectors.org/index.html

12. Guidelines for ACCA Journal Contributions
John Dunn has provided guidelines to assist members in writing articles for publication. The guidelines are located on the ACCA Journal page.

13. David Call of Ammo One in the US (also a member of ACCA) has a chuck tool designed for polishing cartridges. To view this piece of equipment, go to the address shown. http://www.ammo-one.com/CartridgeCleaning.html

14. Cartridge collectors in the United States interested in trading with Australian collectors who share the same interests: Steven Shelton write to 18770 Wapiti Circle, Buena Vista, CO 81211 or go to pjos@rockymountains.net


15. The Mudgee Branch of SSAA has initiated a web-link to our own website and we have reciprocated. To view the SSAA site, go to http://www.ssaamudgee.com.au/


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