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Commenced in 1979, the ACCA Journal is printed each quarter and is provided free to all financial members. The Journal is a well balanced, illustrated publication of approximately twenty-eight pages devoted to all aspects of cartridge collecting. It features information from local and overseas contributors and publications, notices of ACCA meetings and related information.

Any member may submit questions, articles or information on any cartridge related matter. Local or overseas experts will answer submitted questions in the same or subsequent issues of the Journal.

Members may advertise in the Journal to sell, buy or swap up to five lines free of charge or at a fee for a larger advertisement.

The Quarterly Journals are scheduled for posting to members on the 1st March, 1st June, 1st September and 1st December. Back issues of the Journal are available to members at a nominal fee.

Journal contributions, Questions and Answers, Classifieds, etc may be sent to The National Publications Editor at 141 Mt Low Parkway, Mount Low, Nth Qld 4818, Australia. Please note: All material submitted for inclusion in any journal must be with the Editor no later than four weeks prior to the relevant date above. Guidelines to assist members in writing articles have been provided. To view or download these guideline, click here.

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Journal No 151 THIRD Edition 2017



In this Issue:


* North Queensland Clay Target Shooters Pink and Blue Initiative
Wayne Reeves

* Australian .303 Armour Piercing Cartridges
John Kindred

* Aluminium Shotshells
Ken Mitchell

* Japanese Army Projectile Exploder Systems

Robert Kennington

* Seismic 8 Gauge Shells
Terry Warnock


* Australian Propellant Codes

David Groundwater


* More Information Please


* Letters to the Editor


* Odds 'N' Ends


* Experimental 14 Gauge for Model 59 Gun by Winchester

Ken Mitchell

* 7.62x51 Drill Cartridges

David Groundwater


* Meeting Reports